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Fire Pump Packing Failures

failed fire pump packing
Your trusty old fire pump’s packing has failed. Bad! Fortunately, you’ve found your way to this page, where we’ll be happy to guide you through the repair. (We can do more than that too, if you need our help. See the last paragraph.)

Most packing, if properly maintained during the pump’s operation, should last around 2 to 3 years.  When it is time to replace it, how much of a project it is depends on the type of fire pump you have.  A horizontal (or vertical) split-case design, where packing exists on either side of the pump impeller, is more challenging because it can be difficult removing the old packing without removing the top half of the pump casing.  Some people just try to pull out the packing without removing the pump casing, but we do not advise doing that.  Not only can you possibly miss some remaining packing in the pump interior, but placing new packing into the pump will be equally challenging.  The proper job requires safe and clean access to all pump packing rings, and for a split-case pump design, that often means removing the top half of the pump casing.   This is challenging work, so be sure to consult the professionals to ensure that the pump components are properly installed, and the the pump is reassembled correctly.  If you have a vertical inline pump, the packing is usually very easy to reach without disassembling the pump. Continue reading