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Why Choose Steven Brown & Associates for Fire Pump Sales & Service?

headerShopping for fire pumps, fire pump parts, and jockey pumps is a little different than hopping online and shopping for other commercial items. In our line, people’s lives are at stake if something goes wrong, so it’s critical to align yourself with a trusted name in the market.

That trusted name for those of you in the Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania region should be Steven Brown & Associates, and here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Experience – We’ve been blessed with over 50 years’ combined experience in the industry, and have become a leader both offline, with conference presentations and online with our successful blog. We’ve assisted with thousands of successful fire pump and controller installations, and continue to adapt and evolve as fire pump technology improves. Special fire pump applications are no problem for our team- we’ve performed quite a few, including:
  • Vertical turbine fire pumps
  • Single phase fire pumps
  • 2-phase conversions
  • Positive-to-negative ground diesel engine conversions
  • Pressure reducing valve use and correct application
  • Installations in lieu of main relief valve
  • Suction control valve applications
  • Variable speed control on both electric and diesel-driven fire pumps
  • Skid-mounted and prepackaged fire pump assemblies
  • Packaged fire pump houses
  • And much more!

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