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Product Spotlight: Aurora Edwards Series Model 300 Pump System

Here at Steven Brown & Associates, we offer a wide range of systems designed to suit any home or business you want to protect. This week, we wanted to spotlight one of our incredible products available to you: The Aurora Edwards Series Model 300 Rotary Gear Pump.

What is a Rotary Gear Pump?rotary gear pump

A rotary gear pump is “a positive displacement pump which uses a rotor and idler gear assembly to generate its flow”. Simply put, a rotary gear pump uses the friction and motion of the gear teeth meshing to create a smooth flow of whatever fluid you are trying to pump. The powerful mechanism is ideal for handling viscous fluids, but it is also an optimal choice for more sensitive fluids as well. The resulting flow from the pump is a smooth, non-pulsating flow that is perfect for any fluid used to extinguish a fire. Continue reading