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Aurora Fire Pumps (Pentair Pump Group)

An aurora fire pump Since 1919, Aurora Pump (brand of Pentair) has maintained a superior reputation as a pump and system supplier. Aurora is devoted to designing and manufacturing products that efficiently adapt to an ever evolving global market. Aurora Pump, along with its qualified distribution network, has been generating total fluid flow solutions for almost 95 years.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, Aurora Pump can be trusted to provide quality service at all stages of client care. To accommodate quick shipping needs, the Aurora Distribution Center is always stocked with a variety of parts and pumps, readily available for same day shipment. With an outstanding customer service program at our clients’ disposal, you can rest assured that every Aurora fire pump is maintained at the highest and most consistent level of performance.

Here are some of the products offered by Aurora:

  • aurora pumpComplete line of UL/FM Approved Aurora Fire Pumps—horizontal or vertical mounted.
  • Electric motor-driven, diesel engine-driven, and steam turbine.
  • Pre-piped and packaged systems: skid-mounted or housed.
  • Jockey and pressure maintenance pumps.
  • Fire pump accessories: main relief valves, hose valve manifolds, flow meters, etc.

Aurora Pump Installation & Operation Manuals

We have a variety of helpful resources available on our downloads page. This includes installation and operation manuals for many aurora models, as well as our Aurora fire pump sales brochure.

Items included in our sales brochure are:

  • Fire Pumps & Systems
    • Vertical Split Case
      • Model 483
    • Diesel-Driven Split Case
      • Models 481, 485, 491, 492, 495
    • Vertical Turbine
    • Vertical Inline
      • Model 383
    • End Suction
      • Model 384
    • Horizontal Split Case
      • Models 481, 485, 491, 492, 495
    • Jockey Pump
      • Models PVM & PVMX
    • Packaged System
    • Compact System
  • Fire Pump Houses
  • Accessories

Learn more about Aurora fire pumps on the manufacturer's website, or contact us if you're in need of Aurora fire pump sales and/or service.

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