Trillium Floway

Trillium Floway is a world leader in vertical turbine pumps, and we are very fortunate to be associated with their UL/FM fire pump product line. Because vertical turbine pumps are their specialty, they excel at special-metallurgy applications, or suction barrel arrangements. Since vertical turbine pumps are most of what they do, they carry special expertise in this area.

Trillium Floway Offerings:

  • VFP Vertical Turbine Fire Protection Pump
  • VHP API 610 Vertical Turbine Pump
  • VSB Vertical Turbine Submersible Pump
  • VTP General Vertical Turbine Pump
  • VTSP Vertical Turbine Solids Pump

Learn more about Trillium Flow Technologies on the manufacturer’s website or contact us if you’re in need of Trillium Flow Technologies sales and/or service.

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