SBA Announces Staff Additions

Steven Brown & Associates is pleased to announce two new staff additions to our roster. Please join us in welcoming Richie Dierolf (Assistant Product Manager) and Nancy Mbugua (Accounting/Office Administration) to our company. We are confident that these staff additions and our new colleagues will enhance our team as we continue to offer our valued…

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Fire University: Training the Future of Fire Protection Maintenance

How do professionals in the fire protection industry keep up to date regarding the proper operation, inspection, and servicing of fire pumps? The quantity of fire pump installations continues to grow, but the supply of qualified fire equipment maintenance technicians required to service them is simply not keeping pace. Fire University, in Penns Grove NJ,…

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Special Rules for Electric Motor Fire Pump Controllers

Electric motor fire pump controllers are different from many traditional motor controllers in the world.  The major difference is that, with some special exceptions, there are no thermal overloads in the controller or devices designed to protect the motor by shutting off the power circuit.  With fire pumps, since they provide such a crucial property…

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What is a fire pump controller?

In simple terms, a fire pump controller is a device to reliably start and stop a fire pump, as well as monitor conditions in an ongoing manner that could hinder or prevent the proper operation of a fire pump. They act the same way any motor controller operates, except they are built with more strict…

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Future Safety Features in Fire Pump Controllers – Master Controls

We are often interested in directing industry attention to important future advancements in fire protection. Today’s topic pertains to new safety features that include an effective and creative solution to minimizing the dangers of arc flash in fire pump controllers. For the purposes of this article, we will be discussing electric fire pump controllers.

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How Long Should A Fire Pump Last?

So, when should a fire pump be replaced? If an owner of a fire pump is testing and maintaining the equipment based on NFPA 25, then the answer to this question is often based on the hydraulic performance of the pump in question. The pump is tested, and perhaps it failed a flow test. For example, if the pump is rated 1000 gpm @ 100 psi boost, and upon evaluation of the performance test results the pump is now only providing 1000 gpm @ 93 psi boost, then the fire pump might need to be replaced based on this performance deficiency alone.

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Check out this Impressive Fire Pump System Installation

As an industry leader in the sale of fire pump systems, we have a unique perspective of the final product — when the fire pumps, drivers, and controllers are sold and installed in a building with a sprinkler system. As we prepare to test the fire pump in the mechanical room where it is installed,…

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Get Comprehensive Fire Protection in a Packaged Pump House

If there are additions or zoning changes in an existing building, and there is not enough space to accommodate a new or upgraded fire pump system, then consider a new packaged fire pump house. Such a structure can be delivered with not only a new fire pump and controller but with all suction and discharge…

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Steven Brown in the Media: Choose the Right Fire Pump

Back in May, Steven Brown & Associates was featured in Pumps & Systems magazine! We wanted to help our customers and others learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different pumps used for stationary fire protection. We discussed two types of fire pumps in our article: horizontal split case pumps and end suction horizontal pumps….

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