Fire Pump Service Repair

Fire Pump Service & Repair

Our technicians have performed hundreds of fire pump repairs since our company’s inception in 2000. We have various technicians from our in-house pump techs to our control panel reps. We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time and appreciate the importance of getting a fire pump back into service.

How often should a fire pump be serviced?
The NFPA 25 requires fire pumps must be tested on a monthly and annual basis. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and arrange routine fire pump service to ensure your pump is working properly.

Several factors impact the lifespan of a fire pump: the type of pump, the quality of water used, the mechanical room’s environment, pump installation, and how often a pump is tested and maintained. Typically, the more disciplined the fire pump service maintenance program, the longer the useful life of the fire pump equipment.

It is our business to know NFPA 20, NEC, BOCA, NFPA 14, and NFPA 25, among others. Additionally, our technicians are extensively trained to perform hundreds of fire pump start-ups and tests each year. 
Located just minutes from I-95 in Wilmington, DE, we are well-positioned to provide fire pump service and repair to locations from Philadelphia to Baltimore, MD.

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