Aurora Fire Pump Troubleshooting Guides

Aurora Turbine Pump One of the necessary beasts that accompanies any piece of machinery is its eventual malfunction due to wear and tear over the years. Aurora fire pumps, while among the most reliable fire pumps available, are not immune from the occasional malfunction.

Fortunately, Aurora Pump has established an extensive library of troubleshooting guides that help you locate the problem and find the probable cause, and offer suggestions how to fix it. We’ve included these resources below to help you get your Aurora fire pump functioning normally once again, and to avoid having a minor problem becoming a major headache.

Of course, if you need any assistance, our fire pump repair techs can have your pumps up and running normally in no time. Give us a call at 302-652-4722 or contact us via our service/info request form today!

Troubleshooting Centrifugal Pumps or Troubleshooting Turbine Pumps

  • Topics Covered
    • Pumps failing to prime or losing prime
    • No discharge from the Aurora fire pump
    • Pump fails to deliver rated capacity
    • Insufficient pressure
    • Pump starts then stops pumping
    • Excess power consumption
    • Pump has excessive vibration or is noisy

Troubleshooting Electric Motors

  • Topics Covered
    • Motor fails to start
    •  Motor fails to get up to speed
    • Motor is hot
    • Motor vibrates
    • Motor is noisy
    • The rotation is incorrect

Troubleshooting Steam Turbines

  • Topics Covered – Vibration
    • Imbalance
    • Poor alignment with driven equipment
    • Inadequate foundation
    • Loose parts
    • Rubbing internally
    • Stream troubles
  • Topics Covered – General
    • Efficiency loss
    • Overspeed operation
    • Bearing failure

Troubleshooting Electrical Components

  • Topics Covered
    • Contact chatter
    • Contacts are frozen or welded
    • Short tip life or overheating of contact tips
    • Open circuit in coil
    • Overheated coils
    • Overload relay tripping
    • Noisy magnets
    • Magnet doesn’t pick up and seal
    • Magnet fails to drop out
    • Pneumatic timer is erratic
    • Pneumatic timer contacts malfunction
    • Broken parts in limit switch
    • Reset won’t work on manual starter
    • Manual compensator contacts weld on starting side
    • Manual compensator contacts weld on running side
    • Damaged or burned transformer

Troubleshooting Gasoline & Diesel Engines

  • Topics Covered
    • Engine trouble
    • Starting system trouble
    • Fuel system trouble
    • Electrical system trouble
    • Lubricating system trouble
    • Cooling system trouble