Aurora Launches New PVM Jockey Pumps

In case you haven’t heard the exciting news, as of the beginning of this month Aurora’s current PVM jockey pump models are no longer available and have been replaced with a brand new series. TAurora Logo his new flow series consists of several models, including 316 stainless steel models that are all 3rd party certified to NSF-61 and NSF-372 water quality standards. If you prefer the cast iron or 304 stainless steel models, these are available as well.

The new flow series models include:

  • PVM(X)1
  • PVM(X)3
  • PVM(X)5
  • PVM(X)10
  • PVM(X)15
  • PVM(X)20
  • PVM(X)33

Aurora has heard your feedback, and these new PVM jockey pumps feature an easy-to-replace mechanical cartridge seal, as well as O-Ring sleeve seals, flange/NPT and grooved connections, and increased efficiencies from the laser welded impellers on the 15, 20, and 33 models.

So what makes these new pumps different? While the center-line flange to base dimensions and flange to flange dimensions are similar, the horsepower and hydraulic/performance match to current models offer some variances.

Aurora’s new jockey pumps offer some great new features, and our team at Steven Brown and Associates is excited to offer these new flow series models for our customers.  These are available now and have already replaced the older models that are no longer available. If you’d like to learn more about these new pumps or would like to order one, be sure to contact us by way of the phone number at the bottom of the page.