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How Long Should A Fire Pump Last?

So, when should a fire pump be replaced? If an owner of a fire pump is testing and maintaining the equipment based on NFPA 25, then the answer to this question is often based on the hydraulic performance of the pump in question. The pump is tested, and perhaps it failed a flow test. For example, if the pump is rated 1000 gpm @ 100 psi boost, and upon evaluation of the performance test results the pump is now only providing 1000 gpm @ 93 psi boost, then the fire pump might need to be replaced based on this performance deficiency alone.

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Steven Brown in the Media: Choose the Right Fire Pump

Back in May, Steven Brown & Associates was featured in Pumps & Systems magazine! We wanted to help our customers and others learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different pumps used for stationary fire protection. We discussed two types of fire pumps in our article: horizontal split case pumps and end suction horizontal pumps….

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Why Choose Steven Brown & Associates for Fire Pump Sales & Service?

Shopping for fire pumps, fire pump parts, and jockey pumps is a little different than hopping online and shopping for other commercial items. In our line, people’s lives are at stake if something goes wrong, so it’s critical to align yourself with a trusted name in the market. That trusted name for those of you…

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Why is FM Approval Important?

Many folks often recognize the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Listing and FM (Factory Mutual) Approvals marks, but few understand what each of these marks means. If you’re a regular follower of the Steven Brown & Associates blog, you’ll know we recently outlined the meaning behind a UL Listing mark. Today we wanted to dive into FM…

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What does it mean to be UL Listed?

Throughout our website you may have noticed reference to our selection of fire pumps meeting the stringent requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). We wanted to elaborate on what this means for anyone who may be unfamiliar with this classification. First, it’s good to know that Underwriter’s Laboratory is a company that has been in business…

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Steven Brown & Associates Now Offers Peerless Pumps

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added one of the largest manufacturers of vertical pumps to our existing line of quality and reliable products. In our efforts to better serve our customers, Steven Brown & Associates now proudly offers Peerless Pump fire pumps, drives, controls, accessories, and more. A recognized leader in the fire pump…

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