Fire Safety in the Home

While we at Steven Brown & Associates have many products designed to be used for fire safety in a business or company setting, we feel that it’s also important to cover the importance of fire safety in the home as well. Here are a few important steps to take in order to keep your family and your home safe in the event of a fire. Continue reading

NFPA Conference & Expo 2019: Will We See You There?

We at Steven Brown & Associates are thrilled to be attending the NFPA Conference & Expo next week, June 17-20, in San Antonio, Texas! For three days, we’ll be attending educational sessions, exploring brand-new products from over 350 industry suppliers, and networking with professionals from around the world. Continue reading

Fire Safety in the Workplace: A Comprehensive Guide

Fire safety in the workplace is an absolutely essential component of being a business owner. Keeping your workers and your business safe should be a top priority, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a set of strict guidelines in place to maintain a universal fire safety code throughout the workforce.

At Steven Brown, all of our products adhere to OSHA’s rigid guidelines, either meeting or exceeding every statistic. Today, we want to go through some of the most important facets of OSHA’s guidelines for fire safety in the workplace and help protect your workers and your business. Continue reading

lunch and learn at Steven Brown & Associates

Fire Training with Steven Brown & Associates: Join Us!

Steven Brown & Associates is hosting our 4th annual “Lunch & Learn” fire protection training session! Located at Crowne Plaza Wilmington North in Claymont, DE, join us from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM on Wednesday, February 6th for diesel-driven engine training.

Our featured guest speaker this year is Mike Mathes, Marketing Manager for Clarke Fire Protection. His knowledge is invaluable to our industry, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to learn and grow in our abilities with him. Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Aurora Edwards Series Model 300 Pump System

Here at Steven Brown & Associates, we offer a wide range of systems designed to suit any home or business you want to protect. This week, we wanted to spotlight one of our incredible products available to you: The Aurora Edwards Series Model 300 Rotary Gear Pump.

What is a Rotary Gear Pump?rotary gear pump

A rotary gear pump is “a positive displacement pump which uses a rotor and idler gear assembly to generate its flow”. Simply put, a rotary gear pump uses the friction and motion of the gear teeth meshing to create a smooth flow of whatever fluid you are trying to pump. The powerful mechanism is ideal for handling viscous fluids, but it is also an optimal choice for more sensitive fluids as well. The resulting flow from the pump is a smooth, non-pulsating flow that is perfect for any fluid used to extinguish a fire. Continue reading

several different fire extinguishers

Which Fire Extinguisher is Right for You?

Anytime you need a fire extinguisher, it’s a scary situation. It’s even scarier when you aren’t sure which type of extinguisher is best for the type of emergency occurring. Today, we want to review the different types of fire extinguishers and which type is best for each situation. Having this information can make an emergency situation much calmer and help to reduce damage to your property should a fire ever occur. Continue reading

What Can Steven Brown Do for You?

When you’re researching which company to choose to install your new fire pump system, there are a lot of factors to consider. How experienced are the technicians? How do I know I’m getting the most for my money? Will the final product be reliable in an emergency? At Steven Brown & Associates, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products, installed and maintained by the most experienced techs. Today we want to bring you some peace of mind by detailing our combined experience in this field and explaining our process for troubleshooting and maintenance.

How Long Have We Been Doing This?Steven Brown team standing by a podium Continue reading

FireConnect Cloud-based monitoring system on an iPad

FireConnect™: The Future of Fire Protection

We here at Steven Brown are committed to bringing our customers the most up-to-date fire protection equipment possible. That’s why we are happy to team with Grundfos and bring a revolutionary new way for monitoring fire pump systems. It’s called FireConnect™, and it’s the future of fire protection. Continue reading

Spotlight Series: Edwards

model 80 sales flyer

Edwards High Performance Pumps have consistently proven their reliability, performance, and innovation in countless locations across the United States since 1926.

The Aurora Edwards Series Pump from Pentair is a positive-displacement pump built specifically for meeting and exceeding the demanding requirements of foam concentrate and water mist fire protection systems.

Edwards UL/FM foam and water mist pumps from Steven Brown & Associates offer a number of features our clients enjoy, including: Continue reading