Manufacturer Spotlight Series: Metron

TMetron-open-small hroughout the month of January, Steven Brown & Associates will celebrate the manufacturers who make our jobs easier by offering superior products at great prices. The first in our series focused on our friends at Aurora pump, so if you missed that blog post, be sure to go back and check it out.

Next in our fire pump spotlight series is Metron Fire Pump Control Division of Hubbell Industrial Controls. For those of you who follow our blogs, you may remember our post about Hubbell launching a new line of Metron advanced, compact fire pump controllers last year, which has generated an enthusiastic customer response.

This success is not unexpected, as we’ve witnessed the benefits of Metron firsthand and are proud to offer the line to our customers. Here is what helps Metron stand apart from the competition:

  • High quality fire pump controls and accessories.
  • Approval by the most demanding regulatory group in the electrical industry – Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. – which ensures the highest levels of safety and reliability

Metron’s dedication to quality, safety, and reliability helps explain our customers’ loyalty to their product offerings, including:

  • Diesel engine fire pump controllers
  • Electric motor fire pump controllers
  • Fire pump controllers with transfer switches
  • Jockey pump controllers
  • Remote alarm panels

Metron will be releasing the next phase of its new “Pilot” MPT touch screen series of fire pump controllers, expected to be released May 2017. This will include the remaining models and sizes not included in the initial release early last year.  The MP600 medium voltage and MP800 models will be released at a future date.

If you’d like to learn more about Metron’s offerings, or if you need parts or have a service request, we encourage you to reach out to the Steven Brown & Associates team at 302-652-4722. If you are looking for installation and operating manuals, or any additional resources for any of the Metron product line, be sure to stop by our resource center and browse our dozens of PDFs.