Talco Fire Systems Residential Fire Protection Products

LSF Residential Pump

Talco Fire Systems has been building high-quality fire pump systems for both commercial and residential settings for over 30 years. Steven Brown & Associates is proud to support this small team from Portland Oregon and can help find you the best equipment for your needs.

If you’re interested in the commercial fire protection line offered by Talco Fire Systems, we encourage you to check out our previous blog. Otherwise, read on to learn more about these residential fire protection products from Talco Fire Systems:

  • Talco Home Hydrants
  • Limited Service Fire (LSF) Series
  • Flow Smart (FS) Series
  • Heavy Duty Residential (HDR)
  • 13-ULV
  • Tanks & Accessories

Talco Home Hydrants

Covered in a previous Talco Fire Systems Home Hydrants blog, the flagship Home Hydrant from Talco is the preferred choice for any homeowner or home builder.

Limited Service Fire (LSF) Series

Designed to reduce installation headaches while keeping costs low, the compact LSF series takes up as little space as possible while maintaining full-size performance and features. It features a full voltage contactor and minimum run timer to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Flow Smart (FS) Series

Designed for tank use only, the FS series pumps provide reliable, worry-free operation, and are the industry’s price leader. It is important to note that these are not intended for use when your supply comes from city water.

Heavy Duty Residential (HDR)

If you have a more demanding NFPA13D application, but are limited on lead times and expenses, the HDR packaged fire pumps will perform superbly for you. Built with heavy duty cast-iron bronze-fit pumps and UL listed residential controllers, these packaged fire pumps go beyond minimum 13D spec and are fitted out as if they were NFPA13R fire pump systems. Included are listed monitored valves and NFPA20 style sense lines.


Perfect for NFPA13R/20 compliance, these fire systems are designed for installs with single phase power. Built around UL/FM listed vertical inline fire pumps, the 13-ULV systems also have options for jockey pumps.

Tanks & Accessories

If you’re looking for a specific tank or accessory for your residential Talco system, we encourage you to contact us for the latest inventory of Talco offerings. These can include auto-fill valves, bladder tanks, water storage tanks, and more.

To learn more, or to order your residential Talco Fire System with industry-leading turnaround times, call Steven Brown & Associates today at 302-652-4722, extension 103. Let’s get started!