Manufacturer Spotlight Series: Tornatech

ViZiTouch V2 color touch screen Throughout the month of January, Steven Brown & Associates is celebrating the manufacturers who make our jobs much easier by offering superior products at great prices. The first three manufacturers detailed in our series were Aurora, Metron and Peerless Pumps, so if you missed any of those we encourage you to check them out through the links provided.

Last but certainly not least in our fire pump spotlight series are the folks headquartered in Montreal, Canada: Tornatech. Tornatech specializes in the conception and manufacturing fire pump controllers listed by UL and approved by FM, and of course built in accordance with the NFPA 20.

With over 30 years of experience, Tornatech has stood out amongst its competitors by offering the following benefits:

  • Innovative products
  • Premium quality
  • ISO 9000 certification
  • Cost-effective
  • World class customer service
  • International presence

What kinds of fire pump controllers does Tornatech offer? Here’s a quick breakdown:

UL Listed & FM Approved

  • Electric fire pump controllers – GPx Series
  • Diesel Engine fire pump controllers – Model GPD
  • Medium voltage fire pump controller – Model MPA

UL Listed

  • Limited service fire pump controllers – Model GPL
  • Variable speed electric fire pump controllers – VPx Series
  • Residential fire pump controllers – Model RPA


  • Jockey pump controllers – JPx Series
  • Remote alarm panels for fire pump applications – APx Series
  • Low water level lockout panel – Model LPL
  • Low suction pressure lockout panel – Model LPS

Specialty Products

  • Model DSM – Fuel Fill Station Monitor for Diesel Fire Pump Applications
  • Model OPD – UL Listed Disconnecting Device (For UL Listed and FM Approved Electric Fire Pump Applications)
  • Model DPS – Automatic Fuel Maintenance System for Diesel Fire Pump Applications

Industrial Pump Controllers

Looking at the industrial side, Tornatech also offers oil transfer, custom, sewage, booster, condensate, and boiler feed pump controllers.

ViZiTouch Operator Interface

As the first manufacturer to incorporate touchscreen technology in their fire pump controllers, Tornatech has just released the new ViZiTouch V2 color touch screen operator interface. The new 7 inch display has intuitive graphics, quick and easy commissioning, user-friendly operation and maintenance data logging capabilities. An on-screen menu with intuitive icons is accessible from any page, providing quick and easy onscreen navigation. All orders sent to Tornatech Inc. (Canada) for the GPx Series, Model GPD and Model GPL will be now be equipped with the V2 operator interface.

For more information about the ViZiTouch V2 Operator interface visit

As you can see, Tornatech is the way to go for fire pump and jockey pump controllers. If you’d like to learn more about these controllers, visit our resource page where you can find installation and operation manuals. If you’d like to place an order or ask questions, be sure to give the experts at Steven Brown & Associates a call at 302-652-4722. We’ll be happy to help!