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Why Choose Steven Brown & Associates for Fire Pump Sales & Service?

Shopping for fire pumps, fire pump parts, and jockey pumps is a little different than hopping online and shopping for other commercial items. In our line, people’s lives are at stake if something goes wrong, so it’s critical to align yourself with a trusted name in the market. That trusted name for those of you…

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Steven Brown & Associates Celebrates 15 Years

We’re proud to share with you that we are celebrating our 15th year in the fire pump sales and service industry! Since our founding in 2000, we’ve been at the forefront of fire pump sales and have been recognized among the leaders for Aurora Pump sales from 2001 to 2013. What we believe truly sets…

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2014 Clarke Factory Mutual Changes

One of the most popular engine manufacturers for the Aurora and Fairbanks Nijhuis fire pump lines, Clarke Fire, has recently reviewed the 2013 changes to the FM1333 requirements and announced the changes it has made to meet these new standards. FM1333 is the approval standards for diesel engine fire pump drivers, and requires active compliance…

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Pentair Nijhuis Merges with Fairbanks Morse

Earlier this year Pentair Nijhuis and Fairbanks Morse announced a merger to bring together two of the leading brands in the fire protection market. In response to this news, we have begun carrying the Fairbanks Nijhuis line of products! If you are looking for anything from compact fire pump systems to vertical turbine fire pumps…

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