Check out this Impressive Fire Pump System Installation

As an industry leader in the sale of fire pump systems, we have a unique perspective of the final product — when the fire pumps, drivers, and controllers are sold and installed in a building with a sprinkler system. As we prepare to test the fire pump in the mechanical room where it is installed, we see the wide spectrum of installations, ranging from good to bad. Often, a lack of space contributes to a less-than-ideal Fire Pump System Installation.

But the important thing is that the fire pump equipment works as specified and is ready for operation when needed. But every so often we see an installation that exceeds our expectations, and when one is spotted, we want to call attention to it.

This is the case for a new diesel fire pump system installed by CMP Fire, LLC at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilmington, DE. In this installation, we saw ample room which allowed for unobstructed passageways, as well as room for ideal pump operation and clearances for supporting equipment. Such an installation will no doubt make any necessary future repairs or replacements an easier endeavor for the contractor. This can also translate to lower maintenance costs for the building owner.

Many residents of Wilmington and beyond look forward to the completion of the nearly $40 million mixed-use structure at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave., resurrected from what used to be the Galleria Shoppes. It will house shops, luxury apartments, and an underground garage. Recently, it has served as a symbol of economic hope after the nation’s dismal pandemic shutdown.

As a proud member of sprinkler industry professionals, we will always appreciate what most people will never see — a professional fire pump installation in the building’s mechanical room. Any future testing or service of this hidden but crucial equipment will be done in a clean, safe environment. Congrats to all involved!