2014 Clarke Factory Mutual Changes

One of the most popular engine manufacturers for the Aurora and Fairbanks Nijhuis fire pump lines, Clarke Fire, has recently reviewed the 2013 changes to the FM1333 requirements and announced the changes it has made to meet these new standards. FM1333 is the approval standards for diesel engine fire pump drivers, and requires active compliance by the end of November. There were several changes made that you should be aware of and this blog breaks down each of them.

Re-Examination Testing

If your FM engine was previously approved to comply with the May 2012 FM approval and testing standards, it needed to be re-examined. This re-examination requires a vigorous durability test to ensure operating conditions are met. Clarke FM approved engines were therefore re-examined to confirm their compliance with the FM1333.

Updated Raw Water Hoses

Clarke replaced raw water hoses to meet ISO 15540, which required the raw water hoses between the pump discharge and engine discharge to drain to be threaded rigid piping or flexible hoses.

Manual Starts for Microprocessors

If the control panel for the engine has microprocessors, they must be capable of starting manually if the microprocessor is not functioning. Clarke added a manual start override procedure to their control panels.

Electronic Engines ECM Failure

Clarke added an automatic ECM switch in case the ECM fails to all their engines with electronic fuel injectors. This has added two additional terminals for alarms.

FM Approval for the Entire Loop

Clarke fire protection products include a name plate stating the FM approval and model information for all their approved cooling loops. These include galvanized cooling loops, as well as high pressure, sea water, and stainless steel cooling loops.

As you can see, there were several key changes to the FM1333, and Clarke Fire has responded to each change. If you’d like to learn more about Clarke’s changes, you can check out their flyer or feel free to contact us at Steven Brown & Associates and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.