Get Comprehensive Fire Protection in a Packaged Pump House

If there are additions or zoning changes in an existing building, and there is not enough space to accommodate a new or upgraded fire pump system, then consider a new packaged fire pump house. Such a structure can be delivered with not only a new fire pump and controller but with all suction and discharge piping per NFPA 20, as well as all electrical wiring per NEC Article 695. Plus, add in emergency lighting, heating, louvers, fire department connection — even its own sprinkler system! — and not only do you know your installation is done correctly, but it arrives in a packaged housed structure, with piping connection terminations set to discharge through the walls or underground.

At Steven Brown & Assoc., Inc., we would like to remind all consulting engineers and sprinkler contractor designers, that we are a representative of Peerless fire pump packaged systems — both housed and non-housed.

Packaged pump houses are fully integrated fire protection systems. For more than 80 years, Peerless Pump has offered quality fire pump design and fabrication. Peerless packaged pump houses can be custom built to your needs, providing systems that produce up to 5,000 GPM in a diesel engine or electric motor drive.

Top Reasons for Choosing a Peerless Packaged Fire Pump House:

Get sample drawings and specifications quickly

At Steven Brown & Associates, we have a library of sample pump houses to suit your application. Just call and speak with Steven Brown to get an idea of the size and various layouts to suit your needs. Not only can you get a pump selected with schedule information, but you can also get a pump house drawing and specification for your project — all ready to go very quickly.

Fire Pump Responsibility in One Unit

Packaged pump houses are fully integrated fire protection systems. They can take up less space than other fire pump systems that come as individual components set up separately. With all necessary fire protection pump equipment in one location, maintenance and service are easier to monitor. In the unfortunate event of a fire emergency, your water source will be easily identified and accessed.

Packaged pump houses are ideal fire protection solutions for schools, hospitals, churches, office complexes, and more.

Take a virtual tour inside a Peerless packaged pump house. Every fire pump packaged system order will include virtual tour links like the one below, so that you not only hear about the status of your packaged house, but you can be there virtually!

Excellent Fire Pump Engineering Design

Your packaged pump house can be designed as an enclosed unit or an open unit, with all required ancillary equipment per NFPA 20 standards. Fire pump houses ensure your facility has a fire protection source that delivers a sufficient and reliable water supply during a fire emergency.

Peerless offers a series of packaged fire pump houses to suit individual site needs but can be custom designed as well. You work with a dedicated team of experienced engineers and project managers.

The Peerless Pump PVF Series 2000, 3000, and 4000 Underwriter’s Laboratories (U.L.) listed fire pumps are pre-wired packages that include a limited or full-service controller. You can get additional piping, valves, and sensing lines with the 3000 and 4000 models. Peerless Pump housed fire pump packages meet UL, ULC, FM, NFPA13, NFPA20, and MBMA requirements.

Reduced Pump Installation Cost

Because peerless pump packages are pre-wired and completely assembled, installation takes less time than traditional setups. There’s no need for pump coupling alignment, no worry over lost components.

Pump packages arrive mounted on steel fabricated bases, and because there is one complete shipment of your unit, you save on shipping charges that otherwise would have been spent on an accumulation of component shipments. The Peerless project team will work closely with you to get your fire pump house on-site. And onsite testing and commissioning service will be handled by the professional technicians at Steven Brown & Associates. View details on Peerless Fire Pump Systems.

Single-Source Fire Pump Supplier

Avoid the headache of tracking down various vendors and suppliers, fitting numerous service calls into numerous schedules.

Peerless enclosed packaged fire pumps offer extensive customer solutions, from Peerless expert engineering to helpful service and support. Fully optimized pump hydraulics and accessories ensure an efficient comprehensive system. They are installed by experts in the fire pump systems field.

Continued expert customer service from Steven Brown & Associates, combined with the consummate professionals at Peerless — a winning combination for sure!